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What Makes vLawsity Unique?

vLawsity Delivers Documents With Legal Integrity

Who Is vLawsity For?

vLawsity is for people,  with or without children, who understand that creating a legally binding document allows them to determine how their assets are distributed and who takes care of their children and pets after they die.

What Does vLawsity Offer?

Peace of mind! vLawsity offers a simple, easy, online step-by-step document-building process allowing you to create a customized and affordable online Will & Legal documents with no membership fees.

How Does vLawsity Work

Simply! Customers choose the type of online Will or legal document they wish to purchase and simply follow along, answering specific questions. After receiving the legal document in the mail, recipients sign it with a notary, making the documents legally binding.

Is vLawsity Affordable?

Yes! Our mission is to offer customers legal documents with high integrity that will stand the test of time in court. We want everyone to have access to affordable legal documents – without having to pay hefty attorney fees. Our low prices range from $150 – $250

Our Modern Will & Testament Document Is Built For Your Loved Ones

vLawsity is an easy-to-use, modern, secure online website that allows people to create do-it-yourself legal documents using easy-to-follow fill-in forms.

vLawsity stands by our service and products.

These Six Legal Documents Are Included In Your Will & Testament

We Professionally Print and Ship Your Online Will & Testament Package

Our online Will and Testament documents include all of the documents you see below:

A Final Will & Testament, Guardianship for Minor Children, Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, HIPAA Authorization, and Final Disposition.

vLawsity sends you your completed Will & Testament Document Package via mail in a secure and professional folder for protection and storage!

Will & Testament Document

A legal document that communicates your final wishes pertaining to your assets.
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Guardianship Document

A legal document that allows you to hand over your guardianship rights upon your death.
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Power of Attorney Document

A document that names a person to act on your behalf regarding business matters, if you are unable.
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Healthcare Proxy Document

A document naming a person to act on your behalf regarding health care decisions if you're unable.
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HIPAA Authorization Document

A legal document giving people the right to provide and receive your medical information.
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Final Disposition Document

This document is the plan that details what you want to happen to your body after you die.
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What to expect when your Will & Testament Package arrives!

All of your documents are color coded for easy recognition.

An Instruction sheet is provided that explains what you need to do upon receiving your Will & Testament Package in the mail from vLawsity.

Color Coded Documents
Color Coded Documents
Detailed Instructions


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! vLawsity has created a simple form that is easy to navigate online. Upon answering the required questions and signing it and getting it notarized, you will have a document that can stand up in court. This is a one time cost, no membership or fee 

Yes, vLawsity has created a legal Will & Document and after answering the questions on the form, you will have a highly comprehensive and thorough Will & Testament. When you receive your Will & Testament document package, you are responsible for signing the documents in front of a witness. This makes your vLawsity Will & Testament fully legal in New York State. As always, vLawsity customer service representatives are available to help you. In addition, you will receive an instruction document with your Will & Testament package.

vLawsity is an online legal document service for individuals and couples of legal age and of sound mind. vLawsity is for the young and old, individuals, and married couples. We have thought of everyone when creating our services!

Individual vLawsity customers pay only $150 for their Will & Testament and married couples only pay $250. If you are married, you will receive two complete Will & Testament documents in your package; one for you and one for your spouse.

vLawsity is an online service. Although the company is based out of Central New York, we do not have a physical address for patrons. 

Customers can contact us via our online form or call 1-866-203-9554

vLawsity is not a law firm.  However, vLawsity.com  was created, designed, and built by attorneys. The same attorneys manage the daily activities and business. If you have any specific questions, please contact us.

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